This project needed precise coordination from the start. We were allowed 10 days lead time to prep, in which we were required to arrange all the flat racks to be surveyed and subsequent reports sent to consignee prior to loading. As well as this the load points in the UK were only able to accept 2x 40HC a day.

So that cargo was at the port in time for the ships we first collected the out-of-gauge pieces with the haulier – making sure the hauliers we used had the correct permits for such large oversized cargo. Then the flat racks were arranged to be surveyed on site when loaded onto the flat racks.
Following that comes coordinating the container loading, timing again is key to being on port neither too early nor too late for our chosen vessel. Each one of course causes their own issues. This was done with good planning and communication between all parties.

The cargo was destined for Brazil, which a country very specific on documentation; especially values, weights, HS codes so bills of lading and VGM’s have to be performed meticulously in very good time to avoid fines and additional charges.

Of course a project this size and quantity can bring up issues that we are used to solving. One issue arose with the Second vessel as the shipping line we used split the cargo which is not what was agreed. The shipping line moved the Containers and short shipped the flat racks which caused major issues in Brazil for customs so we had to work quickly and decisively with the shipping line to ensure as a result of this the flat racks went on the earliest vessel and award us 25 days free time at the destination for the containers to avoid additional charges to the client.

Finally all the cargo arrived in good order and consignee cleared and goods delivered without incurring any additional charges.