The beating heart of a gig, festival or tour is the intricate production.

We have been the centre stage of several large shows and festivals over the years that have required high level scheduling, freight and logistics.

Shows that have required multiple services, military precision timing and the knowledge not just of the UK industry but also further afield. We have worked on a touring festival year after year, various music concerts and most recently a music festival in Saudi Arabia.

We’re always on hand

The team is always on available for your logistics, and will work 24/7 on the building blocks that bring a performance to life.

From organising road haulage for your stage or lighting; bringing warehouse to venue, working with the supplier for collection to then being onsite to oversee the trucks arrivals and offloading / loading –  Or if required, air freight across the world to make sure the production or sound equipment or lighting etc makes it to the desert on time.

Music Logistics

The logistics required for the music industry has many moving parts. We have experience in moving cargo and arranging logistics for festivals, music concerts and gigs as well as musical instruments, production equipment, staging and AV equipment.

Concerts & Music Equipment

Concerts and gigs are pivotal on timings, as well as knowing how to get your cargo in and out of any venue – including height and weight restrictive spaces such as Somerset House.

Moving musical equipment requires specialist knowledge and our team are here for anything you need when moving delicate and expensive musical equipment.

Festivals & Staging

Festivals require a good knowledge of the way the festival site needs to be loaded, there is an order of both loading, setting up and then unloading that needs to happen. Our experience working with a touring festival for the last five years has given us an intimate knowledge of not only how logistics works for a tour, but also the nature of managing a festival set up and breakdown.

We are Freight Forwarders

Air, Road or Sea – We will go where you go and our team of experienced freight forwarders have the knowledge to move your cargo from a simple shipment to being able to problem solve any complex cargo projects.

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Established links across the world from port to port, our knowledge of working with sea freight is extensive. Sea freight is a reliable way to move your cargo.


Road Haulage is the link that holds freight forwarding together, an integral part of our service.


Air freight moves at speed, and are for times when you need to get your cargo from A to B and on a deadline. We have a reliable network globally to move your air freight with ease.

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