Entertainment logistics made easy

Having built a solid reputation within music, festivals and carnivals our reach extends into other elements of the entertainment industry, including large scale events, television production equipment, exhibitions and sporting events.

Understanding that timing is one of the most important factors in these types of events. Our operations team is sensitive and knowledgeable in working with production teams under stress for their production deadlines and budgets.

Time is always of the essence!

Whether you are a producer looking to ship your filming equipment on location,  or an events manager needing to provide a last minute back of house structure due to ever changing UK weather, time is always of the essence!

We are not only available 24/7, but we can help ease any issues that get flagged finding last minute production equipment or figuring out the best time effective and budget conscious routing and  also the relevant documentation needed.

Entertainment Logistics


Broadcasting, TV & Film

Timings and changing schedules are all part and parcel for TV and Film. UCARGO are adaptable to the changing demands needed to help a production team get their cargo / product / vehicles where and when they need them.



Sports events and equipment goes around the world and our UCARGO operations work like team to be able to get your equipment where it is needed, safely and on time.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Often exhibitions require a time schedule for loading and unloading as well as any restrictions usually found at these large events and conventions. The team are on hand to be able to foresee and ask the right questions to get your cargo to your exhibition or conference.

We are Freight Forwarders

Air, Road or Sea – We will go where you go and our team of experienced freight forwarders have the knowledge to move your cargo from a simple shipment to being able to problem solve any complex cargo projects.

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Air freight moves at speed, and are for times when you need to get your cargo from A to B and on a deadline. We have a reliable network globally to move your air freight with ease.


Road Haulage is the link that holds freight forwarding together, an integral part of our service.


Established links across the world from port to port, our knowledge of working with sea freight is extensive. Sea freight is a reliable way to move your cargo.

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