Implant services

An Implant; in terms of logistics, is where a trusted logistic supplier inserts a team within a company, to act on the behalf of the client to provide all the logistics and freight forwarding needed for the business in-house.

UCARGO has experience sourcing and training the right staff to work and integrate within your company, which will take charge of all your business’s freight forwarding and logistical needs. This option brings experienced personnel to hit the ground running but also the weight of a larger team behind them for overall support. It will be our logistical know-how but provided in the way that best suits your company.

UCARGO does the logistics so you don’t have to.

There are many benefits to employing an external company to oversee and run the logistics area of your business.

Logistics and freight forwarding can be complex and stressful to navigate, especially if you are not experienced in this area of industry. The constant changes happening in the world today make for a minefield of issues, from problem-solving delays at ports, to changes to the customs forms and declarations coming in and out of the UK to ever-rising and changing freight charges from China and elsewhere in the world. UCARGO can manage this department so you can focus on the specialty area of your business without worrying about the supply chain.


UCARGO has experience working with several companies to provide their in-house logistical and freight needs. This experience is invaluable. Our Case Study ‘Yorkshire Implant’ covers a specific implant we started working on, after completing a large project with the client. We have two staff members that report to us – but work on-site with the client overseeing and managing all their shipping needs.


Employing implant staff specifically just for your logistical needs ensures staff training is already done by us, so the team can hit the ground running in the implant role – you may need less staff than if you had an in house team, you can streamline a sector that isn’t working for your business or if staff where multi-tasking and logistics as part of their role they can focus attention on other areas. Logistics can be all-encompassing, always changing, part of the business so it’s quite often better to have a dedicated person (or persons) working on the role.


The support of a company that is compliant with industry regulators (For example we are a BIFA member) is something that comes with using an implant – if freight and logistics isn’t your field of industry, we come already regulated. Being aligned with governing bodies means that our compliance is regulated, again a money-saving move, and that you can be assured everything is going through the correct channels.