Manufacturing and Delivering Custom Containers to Your Door.

UCARGO Containers are sourced from one of the best suppliers in the world. Manufactured in Turkey the containers can either be selected from our brochure  or made to required specifications. We have the capability to provide, manufacture and deliver any specialist needs such as dimensions and finish. These container systems are especially preferred by Worldwide Military Agencies, Defence Organisations, State & Local Government Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas companies.

Starting with standard sized containers 20ft & 40ft we also have  19ft, 20ft and 40ft Flatpack Containers that have capabilities for any purpose, including – offices, temporary accommodation, WC’s and showers that have a multitude of purposes from military bases, constructions sites to even film and TV production.

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Premium Quality Containers

What sets our containers apart from something produced in China and other container suppliers is the quality of the production – we have overseen manufacturing, visited the factories and know the quality of both the work being put in as well as the materials used as being of a superior quality.

The ceilings, front, side and back walls are all made from sheet steel.

Upon request we can provide a certificate to show the material used.

  • Containers are suitable for all modes of transport across Land Sea and Rail
  • All materials used in the manufacture of the containers can be used between -30c and 70c
  • The containers are fully closed, resistant to weather conditions in a way not to take light water and wind inside, the ceiling is rigid and suit all sorts of various cargo (Fuel oil liquids food products etc – providing in containers and barrels)
  • They are designed in a way that cargo is distributed equally throughout the bottom of the containers
  • The strength values of the containers are compliant with the requirements of TS 1356

Our terms are CFR (Cost & Freight) Felixstowe

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