Amusement Park Ride Breakdown

Alongside the movement of  heavy and large scale rides we can also arrange the often complex and intricate dismantling of rides and amusement equipment

From Scheduling considerations, weather issues, hiring and training staff as well as site specific machinery such as cranes we have a varied experience in the breakdown of complex amusement machinery and would be happy to also include this in the service we can offer.

Weymouth Tower - ride breakdown

Ship & Airline Chartering

Our experience working with the US Military has afforded us the experience to charter vessels and aircraft where necessary. It is often used when needing to transport huge quantities or equipment that is unable to to travel with anything else.

The team has experience working with vessel owners to negotiate deals on chartering and securing ocean transit and will advise whether it is the right way to ship your cargo or if there are alternatives that could be better value

Also having experience working with airlines to charter planes to move equipment in the fastest possible time has given our operations team the knowledge to work on this if required for your project.






Although not every part of the world counts on reliable rail services for cargo movements, we have a worldwide network where rail service is available and can be applied in a safe and cost-effective way for your transport needs.

A smaller area of haulage but still a very important mode to consider.

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