Fairs, carnivals & amusement rides are our bread and butter.

We have dealt with large scale amusement rides since the beginning of UCARGO, it has allowed us to expand across the globe. Unique deadlines and unusual sized equipment ensure we have the best project managers who are adept at problem solving the most specialist equipment movements around the world for large scale carnivals or amusement venues and water parks.

30 years experience in the amusement ride industry

Historically for UCARGO, carnivals and amusement rides are how we started growing. Long term relationships have been formed over 30 years with the global players in the amusement ride industry and have proved time and time again our experience in moving often over-sized, heavy and tricky machinery how best we can manoeuvre them around the world.

We go the extra mile

The personal approach we take to projects like this and these clients is the reason for our repeat projects and long term relationships. We are on hand, often on site with the machinery being loaded for its road haulage,  then on the dock when the equipment is being loaded on to ships, over-seeing the lashing, and working with ship captains, stevedores & carriers to oversee the best place on the ship for the machinery – always with damage preservation in mind for our clients.

We are flying to the port on the other end to oversee the unloading and assessing anything that may of occurred in transit. This is something that sets us apart from other freight forwarding companies and although it something that is non negotiable for us is something we do across all the industries we work across.

From a long term relationship in moving 20+ rides to Hong Kong year on year we have built on this and worked on some remarkably large projects. In this time we have ensured the breakdown and movement of a 174ft viewing tower to forging new business links with the burgeoning Saudi Arabian Entertainment Industry.

Dismantling rides

Alongside the movement of these heavy and large scale rides, we can also arrange the often complex and intricate dismantling of rides and amusement equipment.

From scheduling considerations, weather issues, hiring and trainning staff as well as site specific machinery such as cranes we have a varied experience in the breakdown of complex amusement machinery and would be happy to also include this in the service we can offer.

We are Freight Forwarders

Air, Road or Sea – We will go where you go and our team of experienced freight forwarders have the knowledge to move your cargo from a simple shipment to being able to problem solve any complex cargo projects.

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Air freight moves at speed, and are for times when you need to get your cargo from A to B and on a deadline. We have a reliable network globally to move your air freight with ease.


Road Haulage is the link that holds freight forwarding together, an integral part of our service.


Established links across the world from port to port, our knowledge of working with sea freight is extensive. Sea freight is a reliable way to move your cargo.

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