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Canning projects are based around a production line. Approximately one production line can be the equivalent of 1 football pitch worth of equipment. Cargo will be up to 10 large out of gauge pieces and 10-20 containers for just one line  – so the larger the production the greater the cargo.

Moving this kind of cargo requires strategic planning set to specific to schedules. Like coordinating a festival or event there are strict timelines that need to be adhered to, combined with several moving parts, different types of transport to consider, as well as the movement of both out of gauge cargo and containers.

The canning and packaging elements are very time-driven and given that it is a very niche market, it takes a certain skill set for an organisation to work on. The equipment can often be sent to remote locations around the world and then timing this with the arrival of the engineers can add an extra level of detail to an already complex project. UCARGO is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of this industry.



Our canning and packaging division is run by UCARGO Pacific Logistics based in our Manchester office. Manchester was set up in 2018 by Mark Kennedy who has a history of working with large USA-based logistics company UTC Inc, whom we have been working with them ever since. It has grown into a partnership and we work closely with the team at UTC Inc to provide turnkey logistical services.

To focus on a division that was rapidly expanding, last year we brought in a branch Manager with specialist history and expertise in this area of industry. Cheryl Sullivan has joined the team and relocated to work with us and takes the lead in all the canning and packaging projects.



Our canning and packaging division is based in UCARGO Pacific Logistics Office Manchester:

For more information please contact:

Mark Kennedy – Global Sales Director

Mobile: +44 7534 993168 

USA Mobile: +1 404 542 6134


Cheryl Sullivan – Branch Manager

+44 7594 346667

Manchester Office Number

+44 161 204 7038