An impressive move involving the UK’s largest specialty crane company and military precision timing to disassemble a 174ft viewing tower in Weymouth UK and move the pieces to Turkey.

The Tower was originally put in place to oversee the sailing events of the 2012 Olympics and became a much-loved tourist feature overlooking Weymouth and the Jurassic Coast.

Before the dismantling could even begin, two months of meticulous planning were required to make sure this project went smoothly. Due to the size and scale of everything involved, any error would be catastrophic.

Firstly the cranes needed to be hired, it was important to get the right cranes for a job of this size; there is only a handful in the country that can work to this scale and therefore availability also became a factor to consider. We had many site visits with the crane operators and planners, looking at the assembly plans from 7 years prior, to begin the same process in reverse. In the next stage we arranged for the crew to be fully trained with very specific health and safety requirements of working with this machinery and heights, we also needed to arrange air clearance due to the height, and only then could disassembly commence.

Once all the parts were down, they were put on flat racks to be moved via road haulage to a UK port, once there the pieces travelled onwards to Turkey via ocean freight. Once in Turkey, the tower had some maintenance, a little refurb and refresh after seven years standing proudly overlooking the Jurassic Coast.

The tower, once it was ready, was then moved on to its next destination – Baghdhad.

Video of the Tower Structure Being Dismantled:

Credit: Video courtesy of Stuart Morris