An impressive move involving UK’s largest specialty crane companies and military precision timing to disassemble a 174ft viewing tower in Weymouth UK and move the pieces to Turkey.

Everything about this project was in the planning.

Two months of meticulous planning was needed to make sure this project went smoothly, due to the size and scale of everything involved in this project any error would be catastrophic.

Firstly the cranes would need to be hired, it was important to get the right cranes for a job of this size. We had many site visits with the crane operators and planners where we looked at the plans form the assembling 5 years earlier. Then all the crew needed to be fully trained in the very specific health and safety as well this, we needed to arrange as air clearance due to the height, and only then could the disassembling take part.

Once all the parts were down they needed to go on flat racks to be moved via road haulage to the port to ship to turkey. Once in Turkey, the tower went to have a fresh and makeover and be checked over  – we then moved the pieces ion to Bagdhad where the tower has now arrived.

Video of the Tower Structure Being Dismantled:

Credit: Video courtesy of Stuart Morris