Earlier this month BIFA announced the finalists for the 2022 Freight awards. Both Ucargo LLP and Ucargo Pacific Logistics entered and both have been selected as finalists.

Ucargo LLP entered one of its largest and most complex projects to date. An entertainment industry project involving the movement of a whole carnival from one side of Saudi Arabia to the other.

Due to the nature of involvement and work undertaken we entered into two categories; the Specialist Services Award and the Project Forwarding award. The job was so complex it spanned both categories – at its core, the job was project forwarding, but it also incorporated going above and beyond that of a normal freight forwarder so also entered into specialist services.

On this basis, we are proud to announce we have been shortlisted as finalists in both categories for the awards.

Our sister company Ucargo Pacific Logistics entered Branch Manager Cheryl Sullivan for Young Freight Forwarder of the year and we are also proud to announce that Cheryl has also been shortlisted as a finalist in her Category. Huge Congratulations to Cheryl!

Cheryl joined us two years ago to work in the Manchester office, heading the team as Ucargo Pacific’s Branch Manager; while also spearheading our growth in the Canning and Packaging industry.

You can read more about our developments with Ucargo Pacific in our canning and packaging division here:





A little bit about The Saudi Project..

Ucargo has an extensive history of working on large-scale events in Saudi Arabia. Pre-covid, successfully completed a project with a longstanding client – to ship 9,000cbm internationally for the Winter Wonderland event in Riyadh.

Throughout December 2021 and January 2022 our client initiated talks to move all the carnival equipment from Riyadh, (where it had been for two years) to Jeddah.

In principle this may sound like a simple movement – but many factors made this one of our most complex and hands-on projects to date. Firstly, the huge quantity of large, specialist, out-of-gauge machinery, and secondly, the equipment had been sitting in a hot sandy environment for 2 years, with moving parts degrading, greased components drying out and airbags shriveling.

The tasks entailed moving 300 pieces of equipment, varying from a small pay-box to a 60-ton trailer but also we were to take on the maintenance of the equipment and ensure its road safety.

There were many parts to this Project that were outside the normal comfort zone of a freight Forwarder, so Ucargo had to think and deliberate on the different requirements that would form an in-depth project forwarding proposal.

Our first consideration was, can we do this job? The conclusion that with our many partners, experience working in Saudi – and our ability to not shy away from a challenge, was yes.

We began by putting together the three facets of this Project:

  1. Review of equipment – how to make road worthy.
  2. Maintenance – put together a package that would accommodate replacement and repairs to the trailers and rides.
  3. Arrange haulage – overnight on a 1000km journey in 40-degree heat.

The other aspect was that a lot of this Project was undertaken during Ramadan and so work was only permitted at night.

You can read more about this project in our case study section here

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