Customer Update: Restitutions


Following on from the most recent, and ongoing restitution issues and additional charges, namely to do with Evergreen, MSC and Maersk containers.

Additional charges should be queried with the shipping lines, as we do not have any control over empty restitutions, and we are only told by the shipping lines where the empties need to be returned to in the event they can’t be returned to Felixstowe/Port of Origin.

We understand that Evergreen are going to be experiencing restitution issues for the next 4 months at least, with other shipping lines likely to also be affected – please bear this in mind when making bookings.

We appreciate that any additional charges are not welcomed, but if shipping lines ask us to return empty containers to alternative ports/depots, then additional charges will, unfortunately, have to apply.

We try to review each alternative restitution charge on an individual basis.

Rates are based on:
Mileage / Additional time taken / The effect this will have on the next day / Delivery times, depot/port opening-closing hours / Truck earnings, day/night drivers etc.

We are often asked to reduce our alternative restitution
charges, but it seems that additional time and the effects on the next day/trucking earnings are not taken into consideration when these rates are queried.

For example, if we can’t restitute until the next day then a minimum rate of £ 500.00 + Fuel Surcharge will apply, except for Suffolk restitutions which will be charged at £ 350.00 + Fuel Surcharge, as we will still have to pay for the truck, trailer, driver, additional fuel (which is at an all-time high), plus all other costs that are associated with running 44ton vehicles. The driver alone costs anything between £200-£250 per day, without considering all other costs, which is why alternative restitution charges are quoted accordingly.

Another example of the effects of alternative restitutions is the average turnaround time of 4-6hrs when trying to return empties to Manchester and/or Birmingham, with Teesport and Immingham averaging around 3hrs – this also needs to be considered when calculating alternative restitution charges.

Based on worst-case, alternative restitution charges will be as follows:

Stowmarket(Suffolk) – £ 300.00 + Fuel Surcharge (if returned the same day as delivery)
Immingham Docks – £ 760.00 + Fuel Surcharge
London Gateway Docks – £ 550.00 + Fuel Surcharge
Grangemouth Docks – £ 1450.00 + Fuel Surcharge
Southampton Docks – £ 700.00 + Fuel Surcharge
Teesport Docks – £ 970.00 + Fuel Surcharge
Tilbury Docks – £ 550.00 + Fuel Surcharge

Aldridge/Birmingham Inland Depots – £ 670.00 + Fuel Surcharge
Barking Inland Depots – £ 600.00 + Fuel Surcharge (DSV)
Ipswich Inland Depots – £ 200.00 + Fuel Surcharge (if returned the same day as delivery)
Leeds Inland Depots – £ 790.00 + Fuel Surcharge

(other ports/depots will be quoted accordingly)

If the delivery point is within close proximately of the alternative restitution point being offered by the shipping line, and the container can be returned the same day and the truck/earnings won’t be affected for the next day, then we can look to reduce the charge, but this would be at our discretion, as we have agreed rates with our subcontractors/dedicated haulage

We’d much prefer to return empty containers to Felixstowe/Port of Origin, as this means we can plan our deliveries/collections a lot more efficiently, and we do not have to argue about alternative restitution charges.

We are often given no notice by the shipping lines, and usually, only find out by The Port of Felixstowe/VBS website when shipping lines are on the brink of being shut out from Felixstowe, but we do our absolute best to keep customers updated.

We appreciate that the haulage/logistics industry is relentless, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better, but we don’t like to see our customers getting stung by the shipping lines, in addition to the HIGH freight rates at the moment, so we would kindly ask that you provide valid restitution options, where possible, and the queries are diverted back to the shipping lines in the event that your container(s) can’t be accepted back to Felixstowe.

Thank you for your understanding.