A project that started with just a few trailers several years ago evolved very quickly with UCARGO becoming the lead project transport for this 80s themed summer touring festival… From Edinburgh to Exeter and the fields in between.

In the beginning, we started working with the promoter in 2014 with just 8 shows across the UK over a summer, by last year we were working on 13 shows in a relentless chain of 80’s music. It is one of the largest traveling events in the UK and our involvement grew our team and our logistics experience.

UCARGO worked closely with the promotors every year on the logistics for all the staging and festival equipment going from one venue to another across consecutive weeks, we had someone on-site every week to oversee the transport – Coordinating receiving the trailers in a timed format and the same on the return. It was important for us to have someone from our team there to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible and has allowed for us to grow with the festival  company as well.