Fresh off moving 48 rides for a Riyadh carnival, we were contracted to move  a varied selection of production equipment for another inaugural event in Saudi Arabia – A huge 100,000 capacity electronic Music and Arts Festival in Riyadh (A city Situated in the middle of the Saudi desert).

We were first brought on this project to move one container, however swiftly turned into a huge amount of varied production equipment with just a few weeks turnaround to the opening of the festival. Equipment came from around the world – Europe, Brazil, and Argentina. It included Amplifiers, circus act equipment, bespoke staging equipment, sets as well as the act’s luggage.

UCARGO operations worked round the clock on this project, including over the Christmas period of 2019, making sure each element of the job was executed. Some air freights went up to 30 tonnes and we had road and sea logistics to arrange. The equipment was hired in and due to hire charges and hire timescales, meant the equipment was on a very quick turnaround from time of hire to then return the products after the event. It was a full-scale operation with a tight turnaround.