Although UCARGO as a company is just ten years old our team has many years of historical experience working within the carnival and amusement ride industry -  our director Tony Kennedy has spent 30+ years building these relationships.

Hong Kong was UCARGO’s First Large carnival and  has now become one of our long-standing relationships. We have consistently provided in-depth freight forwarding, sending out and returning all the equipment for Hong Kong’s largest carnival.

In the beginning, UCARGO received the call regarding an inquiry for this project, within 2 days Tony flew to Hong Kong to bid for the project. After the initial meeting, in 24 hours; we had secured the project and immediately began working with the client. The first year of the project was an incredibly involved project, the UCARGO team at the time was small but knowledgeable and proved we had the know-how to work on a project of this capacity.

When the ship carrying all the cargo from the UK arrived we needed to arrange loading barges for the equipment – much was over height and out of gauge so wasn’t able to travel via the tunnel so had to go by barge to the mainland. It took 6/7 barges over a 24 hour period. The next challenge was getting the equipment to the site, this kind of equipment can’t travel by road through Hong Kong at certain times of the day – so this also had to be navigated and adhered to.

The following year we worked with the client to modify any equipment that was oversize so we  would no longer need to use the barges. We always look to improve the ways we problem solve and provide a service to our customers.

UCARGO has now worked on this project repeatedly, year after year, that it has become second nature to the operations team to handle this project. So much so that it is routine to start working on the return as soon as the equipment makes it to the site and there will always be our team on-site in Hong Kong overseeing the whole manoeuvre both there and back.