The implant began after completing a large air freight job from the customer’s offices in Yorkshire to Dalian in China. The project was to move a large piece of machinery of around 21 tonnes with a turnaround of 4 weeks from quote to delivery. The way UCARGO proactively worked and dealt with the client and suppliers on this project secured a level of trust. The client had never air freighted their large equipment in their 200-year operational history so it was UCARGO’s ability to put the client at ease and problem solve any issues.

During the 4 weeks we were working on the Airfreight project with the client it became apparent to us there were issues in the current shipping setup, the Covid19 pandemic had taken a certain toll on the department. The service that UCARGO provided, our communication, proactive weekly on person meetings as well as in out-of-hours availabilities set us apart.

Overall with UCARGO’s experience and cross-trade knowledge, this fitted into the manufacturer’s criteria for looking into different options to improve their logistics department. They had become stagnant within the shipping department so were also actively looking for ways to improve on efficiencies, cost savings, arrivals dates as well as communication with customers and consignees.

From the outset of the Covid19 restrictions UCARGO had established working remotely within the team – so the pandemic had very little impact on service levels we could provide. On that basis by early 2021 when we were coming out of the third lockdown we held weekly meetings at the manufacturers until we were able to find suitable staff to be bought in-house. That time was also spent analysing the client’s needs and where their issues were arising. They had a backload of work and problems that we spent several weeks unpicking; for example, shipments left on shelves and letters of credit not being adhered to. It was a total evaluation of their shipping department.

Bringing a fresh look at an area of their business that had stalled was instrumental to improving the client’s shipping department. We were able to look at how they currently worked, their processes and procedures, and how to make savings. We looked at ways to present their letters of credit so they could get paid quickly and we looked at improving their transit times for cargo.

We streamlined their department, implemented our own staff on-site – we now have two people on-site. Once our team were settled and in place, we then came to freight agreements with the customers and this helped them save money on their overall costs.

By having an onsite team, we are constantly in the know of the goings-on of the business so we are always evaluating and seeking new ways to improve costs as well as volume and output of work achieved – on time and within budgets.