Ucargo having an extensive history in moving specialist, large-scale entertainment equipment for events around the world, was approached by a client in March 2023 to work on a huge Wonderland event starting in Kuwait in October 2023.

With a total of 122 Pieces – broken down by trailers, containers and break-bulk; The project would require not only the charter of a vessel from Southampton to Kuwait but also to orchestrate the arrival of the event equipment from other various corners of the world. Although the vessel charter was the largest part of the project, this was just the tip. Coordinating movement of cargo, originating from Europe, Chile, Cyprus, the USA, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines – equally as crucial to get right. With a deadline of the last week of September, meant taking a Ucargo hands-on approach.

The project was a true test of Ucargo’s prowess and experience in the project forwarding sector. One of the largest we have worked on to date. Overall a magnificent team effort by all involved from the vessel owners and crew, the captain, stevedores, the marine cargo surveyor, the team in Kuwait, to all of the Ucargo team.

To grasp the scale of this operation, we must break it down into its essential components:

+ Bulk of the project was a charter vessel departing from Southampton, carrying 31 containers and 43 trailers.

+ Cyprus had 10Skids and 15 containers.

+ Chile contributed 5 x 40ft containers, 1 x 20ft container, and 1 breakbulk.

+ While the Netherlands provided 11 trailers and 24 containers for a colossal Vekoma ride.

+ Also moving 3 x 40FT/OT containers from the USA, 12 trailers from Bremerhaven, 2x40ft/HQ from Spain and 2 trailers from Vietnam. Plus managing loads from the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia, ensuring all paperwork was meticulously handled.


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