Logistics Hurdles


Dear Customer

We are notifying all customers that currently there are
issues with Transportation/Equipment and restitution of
return empty containers to Main Ports as they are
becoming full.

Transport issues – we endeavor to pre-book on all imports and exports however, with the vessels changing daily for arrivals and departures it is not always possible to maintain the booked schedule or keep the transport in place that has been booked. What does this mean for you – unfortunately it will incur extra charges for Quay rent/Storage and even increases in haulage. UCARGO will make every effort to avoid these situations, however, we hope our customers fully understand this is beyond our control.

Equipment issues – most shipping lines are having issues with special equipment and even with standard containers, as they are having to remove them from the port and put in Depots which could have restricted open times causing
delays on collections.

Empty containers being returned to port for Import – due to the capacity on the ports they are not allowing boxes to be returned to main ports for restitution. Currently
Felixstowe are rejecting any returns, this will happen in some other main ports also as the situation gets more severe. What does this mean for you – Again, unfortunately, it could be further costs, as the line could insist you return the empty container to any UK port which could be from North to South, again incurring additional charges.

As stated UCARGO will do everything they can to avoid these charges and keep our clients updated however, we have no control over shipping line decisions.
We would like to thank all our customers for their understanding and patience at this very difficult time.

Keeping your best interest at heart.