Navigating Change: Women’s Impact on the Shipping and Freight Forwarding Industry


.. Ucargo Celebrating Success on International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024 stands as an occasion to celebrate the incredible strides made by women worldwide. Specifically, for Ucargo, it’s an opportune time to acknowledge and honour the women shaping the shipping and freight forwarding industry.

Historically confined to a male-dominated landscape, recent years have witnessed notable transformations. Take, for example, the London Freight Club, an emblem of this industry-wide evolution, which opened its doors to women members only in 2013, breaking down longstanding barriers. Notably, a former Chair reminisces, “The club began in 1953, with women initially allowed as guests around 2000. In 2013, I became the first official Lady member, and a decade later, the first female Chair. While the journey may have been slow, we’ve triumphantly arrived” underscoring the industry’s traditional barriers which have now been broken.

In defiance of historical norms, an increasing number of women are embracing roles in this dynamic and fast-paced field, becoming instrumental contributors to its growth and evolution. The Ucargo Group, a global player in the industry, serves as a beacon of this transformation. With a global workforce of 30 professionals, a notable 70% of whom are women, the Ucargo Group exemplifies a commitment to fostering gender diversity within its ranks. The employment of 21 women within the organisation not only underscores the rising tide of female participation but also emphasises the invaluable role women play in shaping the present and future of the shipping and freight forwarding landscape. As we commemorate International Women’s Day this year, it is an opportune moment to recognise and applaud the achievements of women within the industry, while collectively forging ahead towards a more inclusive and equal future.