Project Highlight – Weymouth Tower


An ongoing project came to a close last week, so we thought in one of the first ‘Project Highlights’ we would focus on the Weymouth Tower Case Study (see post here)

From arranging the safety of taking apart the famous Sealife tower that overlooks the Jurrasic Coast in Dorset, to moving it piece by deconstructed piece from the UK to Turkey; where it would undergo any refurbishments needed before it took the next stage in the tower’s journey. The next stage would be moving it to be installed in its new home Bagdhad (Iraq).

You can see from the pictures below it is now in the process of being installed in its new home.

But this project has been a long and complex one that has had many moving pieces to consider.

The 174FT Viewing tower was originally assembled in 2012 ahead of the London Olympic Games as the sailing events were being held nearby in Portland Harbour and as well as arranging the meticulous deconstruction using some of the UK’s largest cranes it was then transported on 5 x 40ft flats and 6 x 40ft high cube containers.

Months of planning, as well as health and safety training led up to the dismantling which required crane hire, it was important to get the right cranes for a job of this size. We had many site visits with crane operators and planners. Then all the crew needed to be fully trained in the very specific health and safety. Also air clearance due to the height needed to be arranged, and only then could the disassembling take part.

Once all the parts were down they needed to go on flat racks to be moved via road haulage to the port to ship to turkey. Once in Turkey, the tower went to have a fresh and makeover and be checked over  – we then moved the pieces on to Bagdhad where the tower has now arrived.

We even found this amazing video from the towers finest moments while up to its dismantling shot by Stuart Morris

The Tower Arriving in Bagdhad

The Tower Arriving in Bagdhad

The Tower Arriving in Bagdhad

The Tower Arriving in Bagdhad